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Hi! I'm Krishnan, and I help hackers have happier careers.

If you're a software engineer, it's crucial to know the tricks of the trade when job-hunting.

Software engineers must be technical enough to convey real depth. Yet, they must also be strategically non-technical in conveying broad impact.

My goal is to help you convey your core technical essence in such a way that it inspires visceral awe among hiring managers.

To your success,

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Krishnan Rangachari

Career Coach for Software Engineers 

Krishnan was the youngest known Electrical Engineering & Computer Science graduate in UC Berkeley's history.

At age 18, he joined Microsoft full-time. By age 20, he became the fastest-promoted software engineer in his division.

Krishnan was the first product manager at TubeMogul, the youngest Principal Software Engineer at Practice Fusion, and an early engineer at Lithium Technologies.

Krishnan also holds an M.S. from UW Seattle and M.B.A. from Chicago Booth. 

< Work with me />

Here's what you can expect in our work together:

(1) Results:  I deliver more interviews and more job offers, fast. The secret to more job offers is more interviews; the secret to more interviews is more call-backs. When I reinvent a résumé, on average, there's a 5X increase in call-back rates.

(2) Acceleration: I don’t do remedial résumés. I believe in career-accelerating résumés. I cater to highly ambitious engineers. My goal isn’t to get you some job somewhere; it’s to position you for the single very best job possible. Often, I see my clients' potential better than they themselves can.

(3) Specialized Psychology: I've been a software engineer and hiring manager, so I can understand you.  Even better, I can translate my deep psychological understanding of your work to practical and prescise positioning for you.

(4) Value: My goal isn’t to please you, it's to get you more job offers. If your career truth is not pleasant, I’ll solve it for you in unconventional, unorthodox, and ethical ways.  

(5) Experience Everything I do, I do from personal experience. When I make specific recommendations, it’s not because I've read about them in a book. It's because they work for me and my clients. 

(6) Scope: The impact of our work spans more than just the résumé. The résumé is the lens through which we examine, dissect, and expand your career’s potential. Your résumé is a reflection of how you articulate yourself during your behavioral & technical interviews, phone screens, and offer negotiations. When we alter the résumé, we alter the trajectory of your entire job search.

< Praise />

  • Yinyin Wang, Facebook
    "Hi Krishnan, I got a job at Facebook! It has been an amazing learning opportunity thus far. I am stretched and challenged every day, I don't think I've ever been so excited to come to work every morning. Thank you, thank you, thank you! for your concise, frank and highly potent guidance."
  • Pearl McPhee, Health Leads
    "Hey Krishnan, I wanted to send an update. I got a job! I'll be working as a Front-end JavaScript Developer at Health Leads. I'm so excited for both the position and the organization, and I wanted to thank you for your advice. Less than a week after [your changes], I got the interview."
  • Jan She, BeMusic.al
    "Krishnan is the most efficient career coach I’ve ever had. He is able to see more ramifications of a situation in a far shorter amount of time than any other mentors/coaches/counselors I’ve had. 

    Krishnan gives honest feedback — if there are fifty-two things he doesn’t like, he will tell them to me without any sugar coating. This honesty, however, also helps him have grand, unique visions about what I’m capable of. 

    He clearly sees opportunities on my pathway, understands my goals, and then explains with sharp clarity why it is possible."
  • Alex Gheorghian, Switchfly
    "Krishnan, I am writing to thank you for your help in marketing my skills and experience. Your coaching and optimism have been key to getting back in the job market. 

    I will be more than happy to give you a positive reference. I just received 2 job offers."

  • Preethi Raghu, Vmh
    "My favorite thing about Krishnan’s style is his extreme attention to detail. He is meticulous and catches numerous mistakes including word choice, transitions, grammar, and punctuation. 

    Despite catching the nitty gritty errors, he can also see the big picture and comment on how my resume feels as a whole. 

    He always takes my drafts — even what I thought was the final draft — and elevates it to a whole new level. 

    When interviewing for positions, people always comment on how my resume stood out amongst their tall stack of applications, and I know I have Krishnan’s edits to thank for it!"
  • K.K., Google
    "Krishnan has an incisive edge and cuts to the heart of my issues. But he’s also a good listener who respects both the emotional and logical parts of my problems. While his suggestions may be often unorthodox and not easy, I’ve always come to respect them after taking the leap. He understands what I’m capable of and offers suggestions within reach. If you are looking for a coach, I can’t recommend him more highly."